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Natural Tone Solution for New age Walls

Dalmia Magic is a unique, versatile and long-lasting surface finishing solution that provides smooth and natural tone glossy/matt finish. It can be directly applied onto any type of cement surface (plastered, concrete, bricks, AAC blocks, fly ash bricks etc). It is introduced across India under several projects. Unlike other surface finish products, Dalmia Magic can be applied internally and externally, both on walls and ceilings.

The natural tone allows clients to choose the option of not-to-paint (if they desire) and it is the only product available in India that has been tested and certified by Singapore Housing Board (HDB) accredited testing laboratory and also complies with the European (EN) standards.

At present, there are no Indian standards available for such architectural surface finish products. The product, unlike others, has ZERO-chalking post drying and also has high surface "coverage" compared to anything available in the market and is hence cost-effective too.

Engineered Cement Plastering Solution

Dalmia Duro Plast is finely engineered cement plastering solution that works best for both externally and internally. It is highly durable plastering solution with properties of water resistant, excellent workability, anti-cracks development and more.

The tensile strength of Duro Plast is remarkable and reliable for every type of construction. It is an innovative solution, which complies with the international standard of Singapore Housing Board (HDB), which is the accredited testing laboratory and also complies with the European (EN) standards. It substantiates the quality standard of Duro Plast that makes it trustworthy solution.

High-Rise Buildings and Super Infrastructures Solution

Drawing upon the best of expertise globally and over 7-decades of cement manufacturing experience in India, we were recently listed in 2016 (as per GNR data published by CSI) as the Greenest Cement Company in the World. It is based upon our CO2 footprint/emissions per ton of cement, we have come out with a proprietary heavy-duty and high performing cement specifically for the Infra-structure segment, called Dalmia Infra Green cement.

It outperforms any grade of OPC cement (it is an EN 52.5 N category cement by 7-days), it is low in water demand, heat of hydration, drying shrinkage and ultra-low with respect to water permeability, all tested and verified at third party accredited laboratories (Bureau Veritas) and IIT Delhi. The cement achieves over 70MPa strengths at 28days.